Interior by Design’s Dennese Guadeloupe-Rojas

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas launched her career in interior design in 1991, after earning an A.A. degree in Interior Design from Bauder College in Miami Florida.
A creative and artistic Designer, Dennese provides her clients with over twenty years of professional experience and expertise derived from a diverse portfolio of projects in both the commercial and residential markets. Irrespective of project size, Dennese brings both the technical and interpersonal skills that are required to manage and oversee the entire scope of the design/construction process; always mindful of her client’s budgetary constraints. Dennese attributes her success to the mutual respect and trust established with each of her clients.
A committed professional, attentive to every detail of her projects, Dennese has an expansive list of references from clients across the US and the Caribbean, an impressive portfolio of homes, and a number of publications and awards that reflect her masterful Design talents.


301 933 7723