About The DC Design House

About the DC Design House

DC Design House Inc. is comprised of all-volunteer Corporate Officers Skip Singleton, Sandy Steele ,Taylor Wells, Susan Hayes Long, Sherry Moeller, Randie Reilly and Debbie Singleton,  who work in concert with an all-volunteer Executive Committee including Susan Hayes Long (chair), Kathy Barker, Karen Beiley, Terry Castellani, Christina Emmerman, Bill Gardner, Sherry Moeller, Ami Susan Petruccelli, Sharon Putterman, Randie Reilly, Stephanie Robinson, Jean Seline, Jill Watson, and Susan Wisor.

The Washington, DC Design House, a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity, began in 2008 as a unique design show house event for the DC Metro area in which top area designers showcased their talents into a “flowing design home” to raise funds for a local charity. What began as a single event goal to raise funds for Children’s National Health System has developed into the region’s foremost annual residential design attraction and as a leading annual fundraiser event for Children’s National Health System. Established by Skip and Debbie Singleton,  Sandra Steele and Taylor Wells in partnership with an all volunteer team of sponsors, organizers, regional media, design industry manufacturers and some of the nation’s most awarded and widely recognized designers. The DC Design House quickly earned a following with more than 55,000 visitors and more than $1 million raised for Children’s National Health System over the last six years. The tradition will continue with the 2014 DC Design House. For more information, visit www.dcdesignhouse.com, Facebook and Twitter.

For Media Inquiries: Contact Sherry Moeller, sherry.moeller@mokimedia.com .